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What to expect at Intelligent Fitness

You can expect a truly personalized fitness program around your fitness goals.

This all begins with a Strategy Session with Liz. Once you finish your strategy session, Liz will create a Personalized Program in order to meet your goals. You will then sign up for your Semi-Private Training classes that you will attend on a regular basis to meet your goals.


Strategy Sessions

Your 1-on-1 strategy session will consist of a few small tests and then a sit down discussion about your personal fitness goals.

You will continue to have strategy sessions every 3-4 months where you will continue to assess your progress towards your goals.

Liz keeps a digital record of your assessments to compare your progress over time.

Personalized Program

Your personalized program is a 50 minute workout plan based on your fitness goals.

Each program is designed to last about 3-4 months in which you will have an assessment and then design a new program.

This is to ensure you have diverse workouts to keep your body stimulated and keep you on track!

Semi-Private Training (SPT)

Instead of group classes or just dropping in to a gym, you will sign up for Semi-Private Training sessions with 1 to 2 other classmates.

You will each be doing your personalized programs during this time with the help and guidance from one of our professional trainers.

The gym is all yours to use and the trainers will make sure your form is correct and guide you properly through your program!

Meet the Team

Meet the trainers who live and breathe fitness. They are dedicated to making sure each and every person is on track to their achievements!

Elizabeth Palmer

Founder & Trainer

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Mina Carillo


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